22nd November - SOLO, Handel and Hendrix for Alex Groves' unique concert series. Including one UK and two World Premieres... TICKETS

25th November - '1918', The Harborough Collective  (David Le Page and Viv McClean). TICKETS

30th November - Performing with Hidden Orchestra at QEH (Southbank Centre). Atmospheric, intricate soundscapes pushing the boundaries of contemporary electronic music. TICKETS

3rd - 6th December - Nouveau Theatre de Montreuil. Thom Luz's When I Die. TICKETS


13th January - Performing with cellist Clare O'Connell and more  CHROMA musicians in intimate Berkhamsted concert. INFO and TICKETS

19th January - Ed Bennett's DECIBEL performing at LSO St Lukes for BBC Radio 3 Open Ear hosted by Sara Mohr-Pietsch. TICKETS

22nd January - Lecture recital at The Royal Birmingham Conservatoirewith composer Liz Johnson performing and talking about her Sound and Music New Voices work for clarinettist, electronics and dancer. Also performing new works by Alex Groves and Jack McNeill.

29th January - Performing quintets by Mozart and David Bruce alongside The Gildas Quartet. The Bridgewater Hall, Manchester for Manchester Mid-days. TICKETS