Next performances:

9th February - Preview performance of Open Space Artist in Residence, Propellor: Loom at Snape Maltings, Suffolk, 6pm. TICKETS

21st February - Children's Concert at Warwick Arts Centre with author Sian Tower and cellist Abby Hayward. A fun lunchtime concert involving story, song and fantastic music!

23rd February - Premiere concert by new ensemble LOKI at Cross Currents Festival, Birmingham. Programme Includes world premieres by Michael Zev Gordon, Ryan Latimer and Richard Ayres alongside Schoenberg's Pierrot Lunaire

3rd March - Ensemble 360 at Wiltshire Music Centre

12th March - Ensemble 360 at Doncaster Cast Main Space

17th March - Ensemble 360 at Doncaster Cast Second Space


8th March - Birmingham

9th March - Cork

17th April - London, City University

4th May - Glasgow

8th May - Leamington Music Festival with David Le Page and Viv McLean

23rd - 24th May - Thom Luz's When I Die at Operadagen, Rotterdam