DRAWLIGHT features clarinettist Jack McNeill, harpist Esther Swift (Twelfth Day, The Unthanks), and accordionist Jim Molyneux (Propellor, The Fair Rain, 4Square), playing music composed and arranged by trumpeter Aaron Diaz. 

The group was formed in the spring of 2017, debuting at the Surge in Spring festival  at Birmingham’s MAC. 

Influenced by Aaron’s time living and studying in Scandinavia, the groups' original compositions dart between the members shared disciplines and experience within the UK’s classical, folk and improvisational scenes. 

Incorporating found sounds, whole-group interplay and spontaneity DRAWLIGHT cast improvisation within the timbres of traditional music. 

The piece Sjöarna Sjunger (The Lakes are Singing) was recorded ‘in-the-round’ at Symphony Hall, Birmingham in August 2017. The title comes from a natural phenomenon, where lakes frozen over in wintertime appear to ‘sing’ as water underneath the surface ice reverberates underfoot.

Summer 2018 saw the quartet undertake a writing residency in Northumberland to work on new material, they  performed this at the Alternative Aldeburgh Festival in June and are currently developing a studio album.